Ponders End to Waltham Abbey

This section takes us to just beyond the Greater London boundary and into Essex. Situated a kilometre north of Ponders End, Brimsdown was, and remains, an industrial centre. In fact, with the disappearance of much of the industry along the Lower Lea, the area around Brimsdown perhaps now contains the most contemporary industrial landscape left in the Lea Valley. 

2017. Lee Navigation Flood Relief Channel north of Lea Valley Road.

2017. South Brimsdown industry.

 3100138-42 (2.5x1)

2017. Mossops Creek, Brimsdown. The creek branches from the Lee Navigation to the west and was originally dug in the 1890s for gravel extraction. It still retains a strong industrial character and companies still operating include the large Johnson Matthey metal refinery.

2017. Johnson Matthey metal refinery, Mossops Creek.

2017. Mossops Creek Bridge.

2017. Enfield Power Station, North Brimsdown.

 3100183-7 (2.5x1)

2017. Near the junction of the Lee Navigation and Turkey Brook.

 4020082-6 (2.5x1)

2017. Enfield Dry Dock.

 3100211-5 (2.5x1)

2017. Enfield Lock.

 4030234-6 (2.5x1)

2017. View of the branch of the River Lea that used to serve the Enfield Royal Small Arms Factory (RSA), looking south from Smeaton Road. 

 4030247-51 (2.5x1)

2017. View west across the RSA branch of the River Lea towards the island formed between it and the Lee Navigation. Houses were built here for RSA workers and is called Government Row.

 4030252-6 (2.5x1)

2017. The RSA factory itself was built on an island formed between two branches of the River Lea east of the Lee Navigation. Following the closure of the factory this area was redeveloped in the 1990s as a housing estate called Enfield Island Village. However, a strip of land running north-south was largely left in its natural state.


2017. View of the Lee Navigation, looking north from Smeaton Road, Enfield.

2017. Remains of Rammey Marsh Pumping Station pipe bridge

 4030188-92 (2.5x1)

2017. Rammey Marsh Lock and mooring.

 4030091-4+7 (2.5x1)

2017. The M25 crosses the Lee Navigation to the north of Rammey Marsh Lock. The motorway at this point marks the boundary of the Greater London area and the county of Essex.

 4030035-9 (2.5x1)

2017. An overnight lorry park next to the Lee Navigation south of Waltham Abbey.

 4030005-9 (2.5x1)

2017. New housing development at Hazlemere Marina, Waltham Abbey.

 4030001-3 (2.5x1)

2017. View of the River Lea and Lee Navigation (left), looking south from Station Road, Waltham Abbey. The two water courses are side-by-side at this point, separated only by a strip of land just wide enough for a single-track road.


2017. Waltham Town Lock, looking south

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