Walthamstow Marshes and Reservoirs

Walthamstow Marshes, which incorporate Leyton Marsh and Coppermill Fields, is managed by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority and includes a nature reserve, an ice skating centre and a riding centre. The area is crossed west to east by a railway viaduct where, in 1909, A. V. Roe built, and flew, the first all-British powered aeroplane.

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2015. Railway arches next to the river where Britain's first powered aeroplane was built and flown on Walthamstow Marshes.

2015. Lee Valley Riding Centre, Leyton Marsh.

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2017. Walthamstow Marsh Nature Reserve.

2015. Narrow boat moored by Walthamstow Marsh south of Springfield Marina.

2015. Footbridge just below Springfield Marina. The graffiti commemorates the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. 


2015. The east side of Walthamstow Marsh is flanked by the River Lea Flood Relief Channel.

North of the marshes lie Walthamstow's ten reservoirs, constructed in the 19th and early 20th centuries on marshland east of the River Lea. They have now been collectively designated as the Walthamstow Wetlands and are due to open to the public in late 2017.

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2015. Reservoir Nos. 2 and 4.

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2015. Reservoirs Nos. 3 and 5.


2015. The Liverpool Street to Stansted/Cambridge railway runs between the Warwick East and West Reservoirs.

2016. Reservoir No. 2.

2016. Reservoir No. 1.

2016. Reservoir No. 1.

2016. Reservoir No. 1.

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2016. Reservoir No. 1. Work on preparing new reed beds prior to opening as the Walthamstow Wetlands.

2016. Near the Marine Engine House south of Ferry Lane.

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2016. The Marine Engine House undergoing refurbishment to become the Walthamstow Wetlands Visitor Centre.

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2016. The Grade 2 Listed Coppermill, formerly used as a pumping station by the East London Water Company.                                                            The Italianate tower was added by the ELWC in 1864 and a public viewing platform is currently being installed in                                                                the upper storey as part of the Wetlands project.

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2015. Lockwood Reservoir, the most northerly of the Walthamstow group.

2015. Polish anti-Russian graffiti near Lockwood Reservoir.

2015. Target practice next to Lockwood Reservoir.

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