Ware to Hertford

The Lea turns to the west at Ware and then south-west towards Hertford. The valley takes on a rural character and is largely devoid of buildings. The New River connects with the Lea at about the midpoint between Ware and Hertford. The valley is spanned by Kingsmead Viaduct (1976) which carries the A10 dual carriageway over the River Lea, the New River and the branch railway to Hertford East.


2018. Ware Weir.


2018. Broadmead pumping Station (1881) on the New River.


2018. The Marble Gauge (1770) which regulated the flow of water into the New River from the River Lea. 


2018. Kingsmead Viaduct.


2018. New Gauge House, built in 1856 to replace the 18th century Marble Gauge. This is the point where the New River joins the River Lea.  

 A190024 RT

2018. The Lea Valley west of Kingsmead Viaduct. 


2018. The Addis toothbrush factory (1935/55, Grade 2 listed), Ware Road, Hertford. Established in Hertford in 1920, Addis was one of the town's major employers until the factory closed in 1996.


2018. Hertford East Station (1888, Grade 2 listed), built by the Great Eastern Railway as the terminus of its branch line from Broxbourne.


2018. Central Hertford.

 A290113-5 (4x3)

2018. 19th century Malthouses, Nicholas Lane, Hertford.

2018. McMullen's Hertford Brewery (1891), Hartham Lane. A new brewhouse was built on land to the right in 1984 and in 2006 a smaller Whole Hop Brewery was opened. This building is in the process of being converted into apartments.


2018. Sele Mill (1890s), North Road, Hertford. The mill was in use until the late 1980s and then converted into apartments. An earlier mill on this site was the first in England to make paper.


  2018. Hertford Basin and Weir, Mill Lane. This is the end of the Lee Navigation, which was extended to Hertford in 1767.

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